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LomezBaltimore based DJ/Producer Lomez has had a busy year, with performances across the globe including Miami, Ibiza, Oslo and NYC, and releases out on My Favorite Robot, Viva and his own Better on Foot label.  Recently back in the states after an eventful summer in Spain, we sat down with the enigmatic label boss for five questions with Beasts of Play.

1. So Lomez, you’ve already had a pretty big year in terms of releases and your busy performance schedule.  What are you working on for the rest of 2013?

Hi Tyler! There’s a few things coming together, one is the “I’m Yours” track that I’ve done with Symbol, a vocalist from DC. It’s coming out on Mazi & Nathan Drew Larsen’s label Freshmeat. Lots of respect for all these guys, so i’m excited about the release. It’s somewhat of minimal house vibe with R’n’B vocals, not something you hear every day I guess. Symbol’s other projects have been remixed by people like Thom Yorke so it’s cool to be working with him. Then there’s something coming out on a new label from Miami called Prisoner of Love and an EP on London’s Suspect Package also. Of course I have some oddities saved for Better on Foot also.

2. On the surface your productions are very eclectic, but there seems to be a common thread that runs throughout.  How would you describe your sound/point of view in one sentence?

I try to approach deep house and disco with a techno mentality, taking that minimalism and working with warmer sounds to keep a kind of open, spacious feel to the music.

dc103. You played the legendary Circo Loco party at DC10 in Ibiza this year.  How was that?  What was your favorite moment?

It was pretty cool… I played early on, which was ok because I like to play warm up sets. I always enjoy being in the VIP at Circoloco because you get to see everyone in a different element and kind of feel out their vibe, maybe get to know some of the successful talent a little more intimately. It gets more comical as the night progresses in most cases!

4. Where is your inspiration coming from these days?

I mainly focus on writing music that I can use as part of a bigger picture in my DJ sets, so a lot of times the inspiration comes from what upcoming gigs I have lined up. Kind of like building tools for a construction project that’ll happen later. Apart from that I’m always inspired by other artists. Right now I’m feeling stuff like ‘Terekke’ and ‘Huerco S’ for their textured tape feel and sort of DIY vibe. Our latest signing to Better on Foot ‘Jubilee’ is really coming into his own also, I have been playing stuff off his D Projects EP for a few months, as well as some other upcoming stuff from him. He’s a great DJ too.

5. What would you consider your spirit animal and why?

I dunno, maybe a Black Pig because its very common in Mallorca, and delicious…

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