Life on Planets at the Marcy Hotel

LOP-press6It’s a cool March evening in Brooklyn and a line of people crowd the door outside of a small unmarked row house.  As we enter we’re immediately greeted with a big grin and a can of beer by our Life on Planets host.  “Glad you made it!” he says.  “We go on in 30, Tanner Ross is playing right now, come into the back and hang out!”  We wade through the crowd of fashionably dressed 20 and 30 somethings all dancing below a wrought iron chandelier.  Someone passes by with a silver tray of tequila shots.  Everyone is very very happy to be here.

This is the Marcy Hotel, and Life on Planets is about to debut their live show.  Rising from the musical incubator that is Baltimore, Life on Planets is yet another stellar signing from Better on Foot, a label that has emerged as a consistent source of fresh talent and innovative sounds.  Their release of Life’s Apollo single this January perked the ears of some heavy hitters, leading to this show at the legendary Marcy, and an appearance the following week with Wolf & Lamb and Soulclap in Miami at the hugely popular Crew Love party.

1978737_831341930212916_86076023_nMade up of a DJ/Producer backing vocals and guitar, the Life on Planets live show is filled with groove and melody, social commentary and modern mythology, and this night’s performance was received to critical acclaim.  Life on Planets is the first new act to be invited into the Marcy in over two years, following in the footsteps of greats like Nicolas Jaar and PillowTalk who graced the venue with their live sets as well.  It’s no small honor to be welcomed into the Crew Love family, and we take it as a signal of some exciting things to come.

Next month sees the release of Life on Planets’ second single “Showers” on May 12th, a collaboration with Finland’s Phonogenic and a current staple in their live set.  Look for future tour dates on their facebook page.


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