The Poetry of Life on Planets

Baltimore duo Life on Planets have made a considerable impression on dance music with their poetic songwriting in 2014.  The lyrics on tracks like Fields of the Sun, Showers, Fork in the Path, and Apollo hold just as much weight in print as they do in the club.  We’ve heard there is a full length LP rumored to be in the works on Brooklyn based Wolf + Lamb early next year.  In the meantime, we’ve managed to get an exclusive on the lyrics for “Fata Morgana”, a new track that will also be out in 2015 on Better on Foot:

See you on the cliff side, fall into the rip tide
I could save you
If I could row this wrecked, wretched ship
Your wicked lips call out to me
Just as you slip

Magnolia in the moonlight, Crimson by the sea
Purple in the pasture, Purple next to me

Vermillion like the sunlight, Blue by the bayou
Purple in the pale night, Purple all over

Fata Morgana, Fata Morgana

Dancing in her sleep, Don’t know how she got that way
The color makes her deep, Or it seems
Running through her veins, Soon as I reach the shore
Tributary, We need to keep

Fata Morgana, Fata Morgana

A little research shows that Fata Morgana describes an unusual and complex form of superior mirage, a natural phenomenon frequently occurring in the Strait of Messina. The name is rooted in an Italian legend of a sorceress who conjured castles in the air and false land with her witchcraft to lure sailors to their deaths. The lyrics themselves conjure an atmosphere of color and emotion and perhaps heartbreak as well, open to interpretation and meditation like the verses in many of their songs.

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