DJ Three sits down with Resident Advisor

A must hear Resident Advisor interview from October with one of our favorites!

DJ Three has been a listener, contributor and influencer in American house and techno since the late 80s. Here he walks us through his insights and observations over the years, from throwing the first rave in Florida, all the way to the recent launch of his much buzzed about Hallucienda label.

We’ve been fans of Three ever since his work as Three A.M. in the 90s, but he most recently won our respect at the 2013 BPM Festival where he performed a b2b set with No. 19’s Nitin and Jonny White in what would turn out to be our highlight of that year’s festival (and consequently the party where the Beasts of Play idea was spawned).

We’ll leave you with a little “Three jewel” from the interview:

“Anytime there’s a big [underground] trend, the best bits of it always seep back down into the building blocks which are house and techno, you know house and techno bar none by now has proven itself to be like Rock & Roll, you know it’s like the white stripes, it’s not derivative, but it has all the characteristics of great Rock & Roll, well that’s what great house and techno does, but it’s not afraid to take on a great idea.”

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