Track Tuesday: Tiefschwarz – Do Me (Frank Wiedemann Orchestra Remix)

Wait… Tiefschwarz, Roman Flugel, Khan and Frank Wiedemann on the same EP!? Is it Christmas? No, just Tiefschwarz teasing the upcoming June release of their new album in true style. Do Me is a solid track and while each of the remixes are great, Wiedemann’s is our pick of the lot. We love these types of tracks- the kind that define a set and continue to play in everyone’s heads as they think back on the evening. As with most big breakdowns, they are best used in moderation and with a packed floor, after the vibe has been set and during those hours that are so late they’re actually early.

Tiefschwarz are one of those artists whose tracks we buy first and listen to later, and Wiedemann is quickly earning his way into that category, creating songs that even if never played out, remain valued additions and great listening. Here he spends the first three quarters of the track in solid deepness, with robotic vocals and a great beat that delivers us to the orchestra filled breakdown. Then you understand that it had all been a trick, just one teasing, drama filled build until the actual drop at 5:20. Premium goods available now on BEATPORT.

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