Mix Monday: Bespoke Musik Radio 031 – Nature of Music

Bespoke Musik radio rarely disappoints in their selections, and they bring us yet another high-quality mix of deep tunes this month from Nature of Music.

From Bespoke: Mazi and Kian are the dynamic duo behind Nature of Music, a dj/live act, and Equaria, an event agency based out of Canada. Known for their signature deep-atmospheric sound, combined with drum machines and topped with acapellas, Nature of Music has turned quite a lot of heads in the Canadian electronic music scene. Starting from underground loft parties and slowly making their way to clubs and festivals, their success wasn’t overnight. It was through years of individual hard work that Mazi and Kian finally decided to join forces and create Nature of Music (2009). A project aimed to do more than just making people dance, a partnership aimed to address social and economical problems, to promote spirituality and shed light on propagandas and political misbeliefs.

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