Mix Monday: Roman Flügel on Beats in Space Radio #893

Roman Flügel creates beautiful and intelligent electronic music. Sometimes subtle, sometimes not, nearly always with percussive melodies and percolating beats, Flügel’s sounds influence and inform the future while simultaneously cherishing the past (or perhaps a memory of a past more pure than its reality.)

Co-founder of the Ongaku/Klang/Playhouse labels, Flügel is one of the biggest names in the German electronic music scene. He’s also been steadily building his reputation around the globe, seeing his group of devoted fans grow larger each year. He’s one of those producers whose tracks get added to our cart without even listening to them. “Don’t worry, save some time, those Flügel tracks will be good!”

High praise we know, but well deserved.  This is exemplified in his outstanding mix from July 4th on Beats in Space Radio. Here Flügel presents 75 minutes of deep, driving, melodic, percussive greatness, chock-full of unreleased tracks, and strung together in such a thoughtful way that it’s almost infuriating. How can someone be this good and make it look so easy? You’ve done it again Roman. Bravo!

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