Visions: Manzel Bowman

Manzel Bowman’s mixed media collages are striking and immediately recognizable for their vibrant colors and afro-futuristic themes. Blending imagery from science fiction with ancient symbolism and African people, Manzel’s work inspires thoughtful contemplation as one imagines the stories behind the figures and settings. Manzel described some of the thought behind is work in an interview with

“The reoccurring theme of African people is found in my artwork to paint a narrative that is seldom seen in American culture. I feel that it is my personal duty to create these pieces to fill a void in our culture. I want to remind people of African descent that we have our own religion, beliefs, and deities that have been removed from us over the span of history. African traditions are rich in color and creativity, and I simply want to capture a piece of it in each piece.”

Manzel’s work was recently used to promote the second season kick-off of Blackcoffee’s weekly Saturday event at Hï Ibiza. Check out Manzel Bowman’s website to purchase a variety of books, prints, clothing, and a brand new deck of Tarot cards that we are currently lusting after…