Beasts of Play Mix 05 – Mixed by Tyler Schmith

We’re happy to bring you the fifth installment of the Beasts of Play Mix Series, expertly mixed by Tyler Schmith, heavily influenced by the warming weather, and chock full of interesting sounds for your musical enjoyment.

It seems like there’s been a stream of percussion-focused tunes percolating through the underground music-sphere of late. To be clear, we don’t just mean the recent uptick in Afro House, a non-trend in our eyes as this fantastic genre and it’s longtime supporters and pioneers have never left. Percussion is literally any instrument sounded by striking with something else. So that includes drums, mallets, bells, sticks and xylophones and everything in-between… plus all their wonderful electronic counterparts and reconstructions. When these sounds take center stage it elevates the emphasis on beat and rhythm. The melody may take a supporting role, or the beat and the melody may even be one and the same. It can result in a natural focus on the dance floor. It’s a certain sound we’ve long loved here at Beasts of Play, pioneered by legends of Latin and Afro house, but also pushed in different ways by artists like Roman Flügel and regular contributors to the loosely-themed “leftfield” categories of your favorite music stores.

Perhaps the recent surge is driven by a convergence of styles. On the house side we’ve seen a push toward the organic- the natural swinging of the pendulum that many of us have gotten so used to over the years. This is of course combined with warming weather and the start of festival season. At the same time (and seemingly at odds with the former but not really) we’ve seen the steady expansion of techno into the sphere of “house heads”, many embracing the progressive community-minded DIY philosophy of the genre, perhaps a reaction to a perceived loss of these principles in recent years within the house community. In addition we continue to see interesting bass music being taken seriously yet again, further influencing experimentation in rhythm and rhythmic sounds.

To be clear, this mix is not that. This is a house mix. But it’s a house mix that’s been heavily influenced by these sounds, and that we hope pays it some ounce of homage. Enjoy and tell us in the comments if you’ve noticed this trend at all, or if perhaps we’re just full of shit…

Also available as a Podcast via iTunes. Bring on the beaters!

Alek S. – Neverending
Chris Mitchell – Parallel Symbiotic
Tuff City Kids – R-Mancer (Roman Flügel Happy Gerdy Remix)
Tornado Wallace – Today (feat. Sui Zhen) (I:Cube Aujord’Hui Beats)
Deejay Astral – Duality
Wallwork – Fyah (instrumental)
Kevin Yost – IMD
Moor – Falkor
Tuccillo – Bayou
Sabb – Jeopardized
Luciano, David Morales – Esperanza (Luciano Flow Latino Mix)
Nitin – Rules of Disco
Patrice Baumel – Sorcery
Jamie Trench – The Foundation
Niko Schwind – Acid (Martin Landsky Remix)
Whitesquare – Solivagant (Pezzner Remix)

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