Visions: Olivier Fonteau

Olivier Fonteau is a French artist from the Caribbean island of Martinique. He creates vibrant and bright abstractions that seem to channel a world just beyond our conscious reality. His paintings seem almost familiar in their imagery, perhaps a distant memory from a past existence.

“My inspiration is the sum of my meditations about this universe, about the sacred, about the different cultures and humanities, about reality and perceptions.”

Fonteau paints in iridescent acrylics and metallic colors, while often incorporating local materials such as black volcanic sand from La Montagne Pelée, the last sleeping volcano in Martinique.

You can see Fonteau’s work featured on several releases from the Better on Foot label, including last year’s Himalayan Disco Force LP, May’s release from A Day Not Unlike Today, and a much anticipated effort from newcomers Seeing Without Eyes set for release on July 16!